giving live environments the world's most advanced real-time location based services 


‘See’ and track 85% of customers or visitors with smartphones down to an accuracy of 50cm, using our unique technology. Or 100% coverage and 15mm accuracy using our active tags.


Actionable insights extracted to a dashboard customised for your business.


Make changes; monitor the results; adjust; watch sales and Customer experience stats climb.


pinpoint accurate tracking

Until now it has been impossible to extract deep & meaningful insights into consumer behaviour using current technologies.

current technologies

airloc8 technology

WiFi accuracy from 3m to 10m

Accurate to 50cm (15mm with tags)

'See' on average 20% of all devices

'See' on average 85% of all devices

MAC randomisation stops tracking

Solves MAC randomisation

macro & personal data analysis

Being able to identify 85% of all visitors down to a 50cm (15mm if tagged) accuracy opens a whole world of new possibilities.

If you combine this with your existing data, you will experience a step change in your understanding of your customers at both a macro level AND at a personal level.

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